RX Vega 56 vs. GTX 1070 Overclocking

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Among the most recent gaming PCs available on the current market, the HP OMEN X 900-150qd comes at a distinctive, readily upgradable custom made chassis. It might be stated that this is among the boldest designs of the last few years. The block instance, designed with stainless steel, is angled for simple access. Its spacious interior includes chambers for simple hardware replacement and setup.

RX Vega 56 vs. GTX 1070

Having a normal desktop, you may need to cautiously lie the tower back on both sides, or crawl up alongside it on the ground so as to unscrew and remove the side panel. This is not the case with this Omen X. overclocking gtx 1070 is causing some effects on device,  The negative cover only pops off, and that which is in a 45-degree angle supplying a simple reach.

The chassis structure and layout adheres to all industry standards. It supports micro-ATX motherboard assembles, letting you update at any aftermarket components.

RX Vega 56 vs. GTX 1070

The tri-chamber design helps keep all the elements from overheating, as each one the hot components are stored inside of the very own thermal zones. The vents are all top-mounted angled to keep everything running cool. Liquid cooling is also an option if you would like additional cooling technologies.

HP OMEN X 900-150qd Specifications

Starter specs for your 900-150qd are as follows:

• Intel Core Processor: 6th production i7 6800K

• Graphics/Video: NVIDIA GeForce GTX (HPI – 1070)

• Memory: 8GB SDRAM (DDR4-2133 )

• Hard disk: 1TB SATA (7200 RPM) / 128GB SSD

• Media: 802.11 (two ×two ) / / Bluetooth 4.0 M.two (combo)

• Optical drive: SuperMulti DVD burner w/ discretionary Blu-Ray

• Software: DIB SW Roxia Secure Burn

• Operating System: Windows 10 Home (Guru is a choice )

• Power: 150-W AC adapter

Many of them, for instance, hard disk, chip and memory, can be updated or expanded if you need additional speed and power. AMD Radeon R9 Fury X is also an alternative for graphics. There’s sufficient space for TWO graphics cards at the main compartment. The electricity source is stored in its own zone, apart from the elements.